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Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons)

The Bachelor in Culinary Arts (BCA) is an undergraduate academic programme that leverages on a unique learning opportunity designed for students who have chosen to pursue or elevate their profession in the demanding and exciting arena of culinary arts. Therefore, Management & Science University (MSU) offers conducive theory lectures and practical tutorials in our strategically-built School of Hospitality and Tourism. Our exceptional training hotel creates a realistic commercial environment in which to learn the curriculum developed and guided by culinary professionals.

The program is conducted over the period of three years on a semester basis (six long and three short semesters). Our career courses are ideal for the student who wants to train for a higher-level culinary career quickly and well. This program focuses on strong foundation and support for an effective job performance in the future through theoretical and practical learning which directly develop pride in culinary craftsmanship and essential management skills in the work force and knowledge to generate sufficient profit. Given such academic exposure, graduates of the program, therefore, would be in an advantage position to find career opportunities not only in the gastronomic industry, but in the various government and private sector.

Career Opportunities
Graduates will find ample opportunity in not only availing themselves to careers in the kitchen but also in various hospitality and tourism organizations, government sectors, customer services, academia as well as careers in internationally recognized food producing companies.Organizationally,graduates will be absorbed into :

  1. Government ministries and departments;
  2. Localauthorities;
  3. Government enforcement agencies Qncome tax; immigration;custom; etc.)
  4. Hotels;
  5. Event companies;
  6. Travel Agents;
  7. Transport operators;
  8. Corporations and companies;
  9. Banks
  10. Insurance companies
  11. Multimedia telecommunication companies
  12. Marketing agencies

Core Subject Description

Asian Cuisine - This course is designed to train students with the systematic approach to Asian food preparation and skills management by identifying the various combinations of elements and techniques under culinary industries.

Event Management - This course introduces students to event planning processes and technique suitable to the hospitality and tourism industry. Emphasis is on creating, organizing, identifying sponsors, marketing and implementing real life event. For evaluation and effectiveness of teaching and learning process student will have to plan and organize real life event.

Food Critique - This course is designed to expose students with the insight, review and critics from the best restaurateur; hospitality practitioner can help to turn the normal meal out into a world class dining experience.

Food Production - This course is designed to train students with the systematic approach to basic food preparation and skills management by identifying the various combinations of elements and techniques under culinary industries.

Food Studies - This course is designed to train students with the systematic approach to basic food knowledge and skills management by identifying the various combinations of elements and techniques under culinary industries.

Food Supply Chain - This course is designed to train students to understand the supply chain in the food and beverage industry. It also to provide students with an understanding of the importance of components in the supply chain, and the future trends. Food Supply Chain is the subject to allow students to have an in-depth view into the supply chain function in the hospitality and food retail sectors.

Human Nutrition - This course provides a broad understanding of the human body uses its food intake, nutrition value and healthy living. By following this course you will be able to plan and develop quality diets and manage food intakes of yourself and clients.

International Cuisine - This course encompasses the learning of preparartion, tasting, serving and evaluating of traditional international dishes. It emphasis will be placed on ingredients, flavor profiles, preparations,and techniques representative of the cuisines of French, Italy, Germany, Mexican, Japan, China, Philippines, Egypt, Mauritius, Nigeria, Brazil and Canada.

Nutrition Knowledge - This course is designed to train students with the critical thinking approach to basic food nutrition knowledge and everyday choices provides students with the decision-making skills needed throughout their lifespan to navigate the myriad of choices they will face in promoting their good health and in preventing disease.

OSHA Management - This course is designed to expose students to health and safety management in today's workplace. Effective environmental, health, and safety management using the team approach provides today's safety professionals with an excellent resource for protecting their organizations' most important resource-their employees. A seasoned health and safety professional, provides a blueprint for installing a system that's been proven to reduce illness and injury on any job, in any industry, with a simple, logical approach that compares safety management to production and quality control-issues today's managers readily understand.

Pastry, Bakery and Confectionery - This course is designed to train students with comprehensive coverage of basic baking and pastry techniques in a fresh and approachable way. It shares encyclopedic guidance on everything from mise en place preparation and basic dough to new chapters covering flatbreads, crackers, and home-style desserts.

Restaurant Planning and Design - This course is designed to exposed students with comprehensive coverage of design and layout of foodservice facilities emphasizing in conducive environment.

Fee Structure
For information on fees, please contact the university

Duration Of Programmes:
Minimum 1 year, Maximum 3 year based on entry requirement (full-time I part time basis)

Annual Intakes :
Refer to University

Admission Requirements :
A - Level with 3 passes. Students who have qualifications other than the ones stated, are to submit them for the University's Senate consideration.


    a) Total tuition fees charged is based on credit hour taken for each semester

    b) Full payment of tuition fee must be made on the registration day or prior to the commencement of the semester

    c) Fees are charged on per semester basis and are based on credit hours taken by the respective students. Please contact the Counselling & Communications department on fees and other payments details

    d) Tuition fees inclusive of taxes

    Registration fees must be paid on the registration day
    Registration fees paid are not refundable

    For a detailed breakdown of the entry requirement, please liaise with the Counselling & Communications department or email your queries to

    The above information is accurate at the time of printing. However MSU reserves the right to make changes where required without notice.