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Bachelor in Medical Sciences (Hons)

The Bachelor in Medical Sciences (Hans) (BMS) is an undergraduate academic programme that forms the essence of the scientific basis in Medicine. The programme is aimed to provide candidates with the knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to contribute to future progress in understanding, diagnosing, caring and curing human in wellness and in disease. The graduates from this programme may also further their studies towards masters, doctorate level or pursue a professional degree in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy through MSU's International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

Offering of this program aims at
  1. Integrating the knowledge, attitude, and skills in medical sciences across the curriculum.
  2. Providing students with the knowledge and skills in both clinical and diagnostic aspects of medic sciences.
  3. Encouraging students to further their education towards Masters and PhD levels which will enable them to contribute to the field of clinical teaching.
  4. Preparing students with sufficient knowledge, attitude, and skills should the qualified candidates opt to endeavour into MBBS programme.

Career Prospect
Graduates will be able to further pursue in Medicine, or Dentistry in various university worldwide. With the paradigm shift towards graduate entry for Medical schools globally, this programme proved to be pertinent and essential for students to pave their way to do medicine or dentistry. Graduates not intending to pursue in Medicine will find themselves better opportunity to be selected and play managerial posts in the workforce especially when they already have professional diploma qualifications eg. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Assistant, Diploma in Physiotherapy etc.

Those who have interest in education will find ample opportunities to be recruited as tutors in health related education programmes. They could also venture into health journalism and embark into medical researches as Research Assistants.

Fee Structure
For information on fees, please contact the university

Duration Of Programmes
3 year (full-time I part time basis)

Annual Intakes
Refer to University

Admission Requirements
A- Level with 3 passes. Students who have qualifications other than the ones stated, are to submit them for the University's Senate consideration.

For a detailed breakdown of the entry requirement, please liaise with the Counselling & Communications department or email your queries to

The above information is accurate at the time of printing. However MSU reserves the right to make changes where required without notice.

    a) Total tuition fees charged is based on credit hour taken for each semester

    b) Full payment of tuition fee must be made on the Registration Day Or Prior To The Commencement of the semester

    c) Fees are charged on per semester basis and are based on credit hours taken by the respective students. Please contact the Counselling & Communications department on fees and other payments details

    d) Tuition fees inclusive of taxes

    Registration fees must be paid on the registration day
    Registration fees paid are not refundable