MSU Colombo Learning Centre

The phenomenal growth of information science and engineering (ISE) discipline has invariably spurred the demands for ISE professionals all over the world. Information science has become an important discipline as the fundamentals to provide basic methodology of science, which is comparable to mathematics and physics. The increased applicability of information and communication technology has grown in importance more rapidly than most academic disciplines. Its application can be seen in home and business computing, real-time processing, digital forensic analysis, telecommunication, entertainment, graphic and animation, medical, finance, and apparently is very much a part of our daily lives. Meanwhile, engineering solutions are all around us – wireless and portable devices, clean water, electrical stability, and healthcare products that promote better lives. Engineering discipline has a long history and embraces a wide variety of industrial fields. It has produced highly functional, complicated and large-scale systems, which provide the important basis of any kinds of information systems. This progress of ISE has not only raised the productivity of the whole industrial field but also brought great values and changes to our economy, society and culture.

In order to meet this expectation, it is the faculty’s role through teaching, research and services in the ISE fields, to generate and disseminate knowledge to peers, students and external audiences, promote inquiry and advance the sum of human knowledge, and develop future experts in specialised branches of studies.

Students have the option to select a specialisation of their choice. These programmes are specifically designed to provide students with wide knowledge of the most recent technological marvels. With the right principles, technical skills and soft skills injected into the programmes, students are geared to focus on the portion of the technological spectrum closest for further improvement, design, innovation, and development of products and systems in ISE in the national and international marketplace.

Upon the successful completion of any of the MSU's diploma programmes, students may choose to continue to study at a degree level in MSU or any of the foreign institutions listed under the International Students Exchange Programme (ISEP) arrangement.